The non-adhesive barricade/caution tapes at Edisy Philippines, the ideal supplier of various packaging and industrial tapes, usually come in bright yellow with black print. Barricade or Caution Tapes are used for cordoning off and marking out construction and other hazardous areas to prevent unwanted accidents. Show your safety messages in any indoor or outdoor environment or event. A variety of warning texts can be printed on our barricade/caution tapes, all from quality suppliers in the Philippines and abroad. The products will certainly suit short- or long-term projects.

Edisy Trading Philippines - Barricade/ Caution Tapes

Product Specifications:
Brand: Nopi
Material: PVC film (50 micron)
Color: Blue, red, orange, green, and yellow
Standard tape widths: 48 and 72mm
Standard lengths: 50m

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