Dot Matrix and Laser Stickers from Edisy Trading Supplier Philippines are pre-cut Computer Labels. Available in continuous form or in sheets, these can be used safely with ordinary desktop printers and photocopiers. Made from quality imported materials, they are affordable and easy to use at home, the office, and in schools.

Edisy Trading Philippines - Computer Labels

Product Specifications:
Material: Vellum paper with adhesive, fluorescent paper with adhesive
A4 laser sizes: 38x21, 52x21, 52x30, 63x25, 70x29, 70x36, 105x42, 105x74, 99x34, 210x296mm
Dot Matrix sizes: 23x50, 23x73, 23x88, 23x101, 23x106, 36x50, 36x73, 36x88, 36x101, 36x106mm

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