With Edisy Trading, print service for custom-made or personalized labels for various applications are made available daily. Your supplier in the Philippines for custom-printed labels should be quick and adaptable, and we believe we are the one you need. Just specify the material you want used and how large you want the labels to be, then decide on the number of colors, and our team will gladly assist you even from the initial designing stage. Adding beauty to a product by attaching custom made labels is now so much easier and faster.

Edisy Trading Philippines - Custom Printed Labels

Product Specifications:
Materials: Clear acetate, satin, satin with lamination, PP film, and vinyl film
Printing: Spot, full color
Minimum order: 5000 pieces

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Help Questions

What is the purpose of the label?

Where will you stick the label? Indoor or outdoor?

On what surface will you stick the label? Carton, fabric, glass, wood, or steel?

What conditions will the label be subjected to? For example, cold or hot temperature?

What size is the label? Measure the Length x Width of the label.

What shape is the label?

How many colors to print?

How many pieces do you require?

When do you need the labels?

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