FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our Frequently Asked Questions section provides the simple answers you are looking for.

If your specific question isn't here, please feel free to contact Edisy Trading's experienced sales representatives. We know you will have several different requirements when ordering custom-printed items, so it's best to discuss with us your technical concerns.

How do I place an inquiry and an order?

One of our experienced sales coordinators will walk you through the simple ordering process. There are many variables involved when you order custom-printed products, like color of the item, color of print, font size, logo placement, one-side/two-side imprint, and type of printing method, among others. Talking to us prior to placing your order is the most effective method of getting each aspect of your order perfectly.

Each product has an "Order Now" button . Simply click on it, type your message on the new page, and your inquiry will be sent to our experienced sales staff.

You can also -mail us directly at edisytrd@yahoo.com or edisytradingcorp@yahoo.com. Please specify the item of interest, color, quantity, due date, contact numbers, and shipping address. A staff will get back to you to go over the details for your confirmation. If you are sending us a logo or image for reproduction, make sure that the file is at least 300dpi (dots per inch). If you represent a company, a Purchase Order Form can be e-mailed instead. Once received, we will contact you to confirm and begin production.

Fax us an inquiry. Specify the item of interest, color, quantity, due date, contact numbers, and shipping address. Again, our staff will contact you to confirm order details. We can send you quotes also by fax. Once you approve of the quote, you can fax back to us a Purchase Order form. Acknowledgment for your PO and approval for artworks can also be communicated in this way.

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I don't have an artwork, how do I proceed?

We can print simple text on customized items. Sometimes people need just their name, address, and contact numbers on items, and we can do that for you for FREE!

If you have fancier designs in mind but don't have an artwork, give us a call and our art department will be happy to coordinate with you. In fact, we offer FREE LAYOUT SERVICES for custom-printed tape, sticker, and corporate giveaway orders. Revisions, however, will be charged accordingly.

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What file format should my logos be?

For us to be able to produce sharp and clear reproduction of your logos, we need high-quality images to work with. Grabbing a logo from your website or having it photocopied just won't do. In this case, we have to recreate the artwork to a vector format, which may incur artwork costs. If you are unsure, send us your file (300dpi at least) and we'll see if we can recreate your artwork for free.

What are the artwork requirements?

  • Vector file created in CorelDraw and all text converted to curves, or
  • Vector file created in Adobe Illustrator with all text as outline paths
  • PDF with all text as outline paths
  • Camera Ready Artworks have to be laser-printed in black on white paper
  • At least 300dpi

If you will add text to a logo or graphic in your artwork, please convert the text to outline or provide us with the proper font installation files.

Occasionally, we can accommodate .JPG or .TIFF artwork files for Solid/Spot or Single Color imprints. However, resolution has to be at least 300dpi.

What are unacceptable artwork formats?

  • Web-lifted files in .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG
  • PC formats such as .BMP or .TIFF
  • Non-image files like Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations, or Excel Spreadsheets

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What is the artwork timeframe?

Many different factors play into how long it takes to have artwork ready for production. One thing to keep in mind —we always require that YOU approve the artwork and any changes that are made to it. We will not start production on your items unless you have confirmed that the artwork is approved.

Another thing to keep in mind is that artwork revisions take time as well. Each time we revise, we'll send you a new digital/computer-generated proof, and wait for your approval for that particular proof.

Most importantly, not all products can be rushed. If you need your artwork made and the item put into production quickly, we will relay to you the fastest turnaround for that particular item.

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Is there a minimum quantity order?

Different minimum order requirements apply to different items on our site. Do call us to inquire.

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What is the standard production time?

For items that are not custom-printed, depending on stock availability, we can deliver to you in 2 to 3 working days. For custom-printed items, production time usually is 7 to 14 working days after you approve the artwork. However, if there is a specific rush date that you need your orders to be on hand, please communicate this need with our staff, so we can come up with a viable turnaround schedule advantageous to both of us.

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How do I pay for my order?

For first-time orders, especially for printed jobs, we require a 50% down payment. The balance should be paid with cash-on-delivery. For repeat clients, a payment term will be agreed upon and will be used as basis for all future orders.

At the moment, we cannot accept credit card and money-order payments.

We do accept company checks and personal checks. Delivery of items will be set once our banks clear your payments.

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