Edisy Trading Supplier Philippines offers price tags and labelers that have been pre-cut in small rolls, used with handheld dispensers for easy pricing, coding, and dating. Do away with writing prices and expiration dates manually. With lightweight label applicators, you can print and dispense price tags fast with less hand fatigue. Logos can be imprinted to serve as marketing tools as well.

Edisy Trading Philippines -Price Tags and Price Labelers

Product Specifications:
Label material: Vellum or book paper with adhesive
Printing: 1-color logo printing possible
Price tag types: 1 liner, 2 liner, and sequential numbering labeler models
Label sizes: 12x21.5, 16x23.5, and 18x23.5mm

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Help Questions

Do you need Plain or Logo Printed Price Tags?

What is the purpose of the tag? Price, code, or date?

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Do you need fixed or sequential numbering?

What items will you tag? Dry goods, garments, or frozen items?

If you are currently using a tagger, what brand and model is it?

How many rolls do you require?

When do you need the labels?

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