When we talk about thermal stickers we usually refer to weighing scale labels. Use thermal weighing stickers from Edisy, Philippines-based supplier of quality tapes and labels, and see the repacking process trim down dramatically. One prints an informative label via the print head of a digital scale at the same instance the produce is weighed. Food handling is minimized, and distribution is made faster and more efficient. It's no surprise that Thermal Weighing Scale Stickers are a staple of fruit, vegetable, fish, and meat supermarket concessionaires. Imprint logos on labels to convert them to tamper-evident seals as well as marketing tools.

Edisy Trading Philippines - Thermal Weighing Stickers

Product Specifications:
Material: Direct thermal paper with adhesive
Available sizes: 40x46 and 50x46mm
Packing: 500 pieces / roll
Minimum order: 200 rolls

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