Made from strong, durable PVC film with high adhesion level, warning tapes from Edisy, your all-inclusive supplier in the Philippines for various tapes, stick well long-term in rough surfaces. With the tape's low stretch, it does not lift off easily once applied. Warning tapes have good abrasion resistance and can stand up to foot and machinery traffic.

Commercially fast moving, add a workable tape inventory to your DIY/hardware stores to increase sales income.

Edisy Trading Philippines - Warning Tapes

Product Specifications:
Brand: Unbranded
Material: OPP and PVC film
Regulation colors:
Black/Yellow - Radioactive substances, weight & height restrictions, moving equipment and obstructions
Red/White - Firefighting equipment, 'No Smoking' areas, flammable substances
Green/White - Safety equipment, first-aid points, emergency escape routes, safe areas
Standard tape widths: 48 and 72mm
Standard length: 33m

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